About Us

Brendan Mallon, proprietor of Mallon’s Butchers, has followed in the shoes of previous generations and has kept the Mallon family name at the forefront of the butcher business in Ireland. Brendan comes from a long tradition of family butchers and livestock specialists going back over 100 years. His great-grandfather traded livestock with Norwich in the UK at the turn of the 20th century and opened his first butcher shop in Castleblayney in 1920.

Arthur Mallon, Brendan’s father, was a Master Butcher who in 1940 opened a traditional butcher’s shop in Monaghan town that became famous for its sausages which were manufactured on site and much sought after by locals and further afield. The shop also supplied retailers and catering establishments in the North East and today Mallon’s sausages are available in most retail outlets in Ireland and, of course, in Mallon’s Food Hall.

The secret to Mallon’s success lies in a closely guarded family recipe book that was handed down through the generations, and which is still in use by Brendan and his family today.

Brendan’s involvement in the business began at the early age of 8, when he was in charge of delivering products to customers’ homes on the butcher’s messenger bike! His dedication to customer service was fostered then, and has never wavered since. Brendan eventually took over his father’s shop in Glaslough Street, Monaghan, and started to develop a range of ready meals. At the core of Brendan’s business continues the strong tradition of Mallon’s quality and taste – two values that will never be compromised on. The sausage making is now steered by Brendan’s brother, Patrick Mallon, in a purpose built factory. Paddy and his team, are highly regarded as specialist sausage makers, and now produce sausages for a broad range of customers.

In the early 1990’s Brendan refurbished the butcher’s shop in Glaslough Street to include a large delicatessen and shortly afterwards, opened up a small manufacturing unit beside the shop to manufacturer and supply ready meals to the retail and catering markets. In 2000, Brendan made the decision to relocate the business to its current premises in Monaghan Shopping Centre, trading as Mallon’s Food Hall.

Over the years, Mallon’s have proudly accepted numerous awards for their product range, including their famous sausages, speciality products (breaded products, lasagnes and curries) and black puddings.

These awards have been awarded by Retail Excellence, the Irish Butchers’ Federation, SHOP and the Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland.

Most recently, the business was the recipient of the Irish Craft Butchers’ National Awards and successfully won an award for their sausages in Europe’s most prestigious competition, the Fins Goustiers du Duché d’Alençon in France.

Now we are supplying quality party food, delivered right to your door here in Ireland!